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Common Law Marriages

Common law marriages can be a bit confusing, especially when you reside in a State that does not recognize them. While many unmarried couples residing in Massachusetts believe that they have a “common law” marriage simply through the passage of time, they are sadly...

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Top 5 Tips for Fathers Seeking Custody

Although Massachusetts continues to be a “Mothers’ Rights” jurisdiction, a lot has changed over the years regarding how the Courts have continued to increase, and even encouraged, for joint custody rights between spouses. For the most part, most Judges presume that...

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Divorce vs. Annulment: How are they different? In Massachusetts, married couples can seek to have their marriage ended either by divorce or annulment. While divorce continues to be more widely available and most appropriate in nearly all circumstances, spouses do have...

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How Long Will my Divorce Take?

While there is no “average” divorce, most cases come to some form of conclusion within the initial 6-8 months. The Courts have issued time standards which are used to estimate how long a particular case will take and will be used throughout your divorce process to...

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What Is Legal and Physical Custody?

Understanding the Different Forms of Custody Part of the divorce process is determining legal and physical custody of the children. Essentially, the parents and court will need to know who is making decisions on behalf of the children, called legal custody, and who...

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