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Alimony and Illness: What You Need to Know

While the end of a marriage often brings closure, the financial ties between spouses can sometimes last much longer. In cases where one spouse requires ongoing financial support, alimony payments may continue after a divorce. However, it may be a surprise that these...

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Getting Married: Associated Legal Changes

When couples decide to marry, they embark on a journey that carries rewards and responsibilities with them. However, one of the most complex elements of transitioning into marriage is understanding the legal changes accompanying tying the knot. From filing taxes...

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What Is Included In A Prenup Under Massachusetts Law?

Getting married is an exciting time, but it's essential to address the potential risks that come with it. A prenuptial agreement (or "prenup") is a legal document that can protect you and your spouse-to-be should the marriage end in the event of divorce or death. In...

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How to Remove a Guardian in Massachusetts

The process of removing a guardian in Massachusetts is complex, and it begins with filing a petition by an eligible individual. This notice of the hearing must be served on the minor, current guardian, child's parents, and any other person as directed by the court....

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